Give your yard the transformation it deserves 

General Clean up
-Shrub trimming 
-Weed removal 
-Rake rock 
-Blowout / haul debris 
-Junk removal


 -Prices may vary depending on property size and condition
Residential Landscape Maintenance
We are currently offering only 
*Scheduled by zip code
-No Contract

-Prices may vary depending on property size and condition

Maintenance Details

Service Time:

30-60 mins per visit depending on property size & season of year. 

Scheduling Property will be assigned to a day, unless it’s a holiday or windy/rainy day, time frames could vary. 

Details of service:

• Trim and shape all bushes and hedges under 5ft as needed. 

• Bushes or hedges taller than 6ft to be requested an additional.

Tree Trimming

• Trim lower branches off trees and palms under 5ft as needed.

• Remove suckers from trees under 5 feet.

• Trees or palms taller than 6ft to be per requested an additional.


• Blow landscape debris out of landscape areas.

• Blow walkways and patio furniture. 

• Haul out debris created by crew trimming and blowing. 

• Any other debris hauling to be per requested an additional.


• Broadleaf and Grass-type only

• Remove weeds 

• Spray weeds to be per requested an additional.

Drip System

• Adjust irrigation watering schedule each season and manage watering if controller is accessible upon request. 

• Inspect drip irrigation system for leaks or other malfunctions and provide an estimate on major repairs needed. (Inspect one zone per visit either front or backyard) *Crew leader will turn on zone manually while servicing property then walk along landscape and inspect for leaks or clogged emitters if emitters are visible.*

• Cap missing emitters, replace damage visible emitters when needed (provide an estimate if emitters need to be updated to larger gallon per hour emitter heads or multiple need replacement)

• Adjust and replace damaged sprinkler spray nozzles when needed (spray nozzles only)

• Provide an estimate when sprinkler head(s) needs to be replaced or repair.

Shrub Fertilizer


• Fertilize bushes 2 x a year February-March & September-October fertilizer to be per requested an additional.


Rake landscape rock along most traffic areas as needed.

Landscape Lighting

• Program landscape lighting transformer if any, each season or when needed to be requested an additional.

Pet Droppings

• Pet Droppings to be taken care of by owner before the scheduled maintenance.

Pool Cleaning

• A light cleaning of the top surface from pool once landscape maintenance service is done. 


Seasonal timer reset and programming upon request,additional fees will apply.

As Needed Services:
  • Lawn Fertilizer
  • Plant Fertilizer
  • Tree and Palm Services Trimming
  • Seasonal Pruning
  • Underbrush and Debris Removal
  • Repairs for valves, lines and emitters
  • Emitter flow adjustment
-By request an additional fees will apply.

Service Terms

Terms: A deposit of 50% is due upon scheduling, all accounts are due upon job completion. 
Acceptable forms of payments are Credit cards, Zelle, Apple Pay, Cash or Checks.
All repairs and installations have a 30-90 day warranty.  Any changes or additional work requested is subject to additional charges. Accounts are assigned to an outside agency for collection will accosted fees that will be added to the outstanding balance of the account. It is agreed that the contractor will retain title to any equipment or materials furnished until complete payment has been made. If payment is not made in full as agreed, the contractor has the right to remove equipment and or materials. Overdue accounts are subject to a 5% per month and 60% per annum. 
Jr's Lawn Maintenance LLC is not be held responsible for the following: any damages resulting from the removal of the equipment and/or materials, pool cleaning and for dead or dying plants/grass due to lack of water or disease.

Cancellation Policy
Can cancel 7 days before scheduled project for a full refund of the deposit. Within 7 days of original scheduled project date the deposit is non-refundable.  


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